Seeing Sound: The Magic of Cymatics

From a very young age, we learn about our five senses and their abilities. To taste, we use our mouth. To see, we use our eyes. And to hear, we use our ears. Most of us are aware that sound is also a vibration. So sound may be heard, felt and even more interesting- seen. Cymatics is the study of visualizing sound. That’s right, visualizing sound. Recently there have been emphasis on studies regarding cymatics and the incredible findings show results including: levitation, impressive shape shifting, beautiful geometric patterns, healing properties and even the ability to alter the molecular structure of matter.

A group of scientists from Clemson University conducted an experiment involving a droplet of water and sound. The resulted findings included levitation of the droplet as well as influencing the shape with the sound. Remarkably, the droplet was suspended in mid air by the use of an ultrasonic wave. The acoustic domain flattened the droplet, yet the surface tension allowed the water to remain whole. In the experiment, the scientists elevated the tenacity of the acoustic field to find the very shape of the droplet to be altered.


With the increase of frequency as well as the amplitude of waves, the droplet would become more stimulated. The number of waves or points on the shape corresponded with the numbered harmonic. However, if the frequency and amplitude of waves was increased too much, the droplet could not retain its surface tension and disintegrated. It is thought that if streams of sound can levitate liquid droplets, perhaps someday, a stronger method can do the same to people. It is, however unknown if a person could handle such pressure and too much did not end well for the droplet in the experiment. It is fascinating how sound waves have the ability to offset gravity due to the force of the pressure wave.
Another experiment of sound affecting water can be conduced by using an amplifier that can reach the very low frequency of 23 hz as well as a camera that is capable of shooting at 24 frames per second. The effect of this low bass frequency creates a cork screw shape of the water that can be manipulated to appear to move in different directions and even slow motion. This experiment is pretty amazing and must be seen to believe, therefor the link can be find below. 


Nikola Tesla oncee said: “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” An amazing display of cymatics can be seen by placing salt or sand on a metal plate connected to a tone generator. With the increase of the pitch of the tone, we can see geometric patters form from the grains of salt. Sacred geometry? The higher the pitch of the tone the more complex the geometric shapes become. This demonstration shows just how beautiful and complex cymatics really is and how we otherwise would not realize the hidden power of what we hear.

It is not widely taught that sound has form and impacts matter. Yet many people are aware of the power sound creates. It is suggested in the Bible as well as the ancient Vedic philosophy of India that sound had an influence on the creation of the universe. Other theories suggest that the Big Bang occurred due to sound vibrations and energy. Interestingly, the magical power of sound has been known by many ancient cultures.
Sound is used as a healing tool in the medical industry with the use of ultrasound machines. These machines can break up stones and tumors. But the healing power of sound has been recognized long before that. The therapeutic abilities of sound were discovered an astounding 40,000 years ago in Australia. Using an instrument called the yidaki, the Aboriginal people in Australia were able to cure illnesses and even heal injuries such as broken bones or tears within the muscles. This instrument is better known today as the didgeridoo. Vowel sound chants have been dated back to Egypt in the year of 4000 BC. Sound healing has the ability to alter our state of brainwaves and create balance; this is often used in meditation. Tools used for healing by sound may include tuning forks, singing bowls, drumming, gongs and even one’s own voice. Today sound provided therapeutic relief for: depression, pain, PTSD, sleep disorders, anxiety and stress.


Another noteworthy magical property of sound is its ability to alter the molecular structure of water. One of my personal favorite experiments is one conducted by Dr. Masaru Emoto. Dr. Emoto was able to prove that sound, emotion and thought can greatly impact the shape of the crystalized water. For instance, Dr. Emoto discovered that playing classical music created breathtaking patterns while angry music such as heavy metal created visually unpleasant blobs. If these mandala like patterns are created in water by sound, is it not fair to say that it impacts us tremendously as well? It is vital to consider that our bodies are constructed of at least 60% water. And a staggering 70% of our planet is also made up of water.

If you watch any of the links provided in this article, do yourself a favor and check out the video: CYMATICS: Science vs. Music by Nigel Stanford. This artist created a music video and was able to capture the wonders of cymatics using music to alter sand, fire and even electricity. His big finish includes an oversized Tesla coil and the electrocution of himself.
​Discover for yourself the amazing ability of sound. SEE for yourself the power of cymatics!

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