About Youniverseinyou

My name is Ashlee Ann and I am the founder of Youniverseinyou. It has always been my passion to help others. With an educational background in Psychology and Sociology, I developed a coaching program in order to help others heal from past trauma and create their best version of reality. As a Mindset Coach and Spiritual Advisor, I work with individuals to dig deep within themselves to reflect on what areas in life they need healing from. Together, we create an Action Plan to establish and reach goals, adapt a more positive perspective and healthier habits to improve mental health and overall well-being.

Professional Certifications

Certified Mindfulness Practitioner

Certified Trauma and Recovery Practitioner

Certified Psychological Self-Healing Specialist

Certified Emotional Intelligence Life Coach

Personal Background

I understand what it is like to experience trauma. Having had a difficult childhood, I have known from a very young age that I was put here to make a difference and help as many people as possible. Despite experiencing abusive of all kinds, struggling with poverty, and becoming a teenage mother, I was determined to learn what it takes to heal from the past and find happiness from within. I worked hard to put myself though college and develop my coaching program with the hopes of sharing all I have learned along my journey.

In June of 2019, my world was turned upside down when my first born, teenage daughter unexpectedly passed away in my arms. They say that losing a child is the ultimate tragedy that one can experience in life. And while it has been a tragic and excruciating road since Paige passed away, I know that this experience is a crucial part of my soul’s path. We are all souls living in a temporary human existence. We are here to learn, grow and evolve as spiritual beings. I owe it to Paige, myself and to my youngest child to keep pushing forward towards healing and reaching my goals. In each moment we all have a choice. We are ultimately in control of what we focus on and how we respond to and perceive the world.

What Client’s Have to Say

“She has helped me find ways to get myself and life together.”


“I am becoming the best version of myself and it’s thanks to her counseling.”


Ashlee helped to pick me up from a very dark and sad time in my life.


Change your mindset. Change your life.

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