The Truth About Tesla


When we begin to explore the history of electricity and energy, we often come up with some familiar names such as Thomas Edison. Thomas Edison is knows as an American hero, a genius inventor who was responsible for our luxuries of electricity. But hidden behind these modified history books is the great Nikola Tesla. Doesn’t ring a bell? This comes as no surprise. While some may know of Tesla’s name and his contributions to science and mankind, his absence in American history remains quite a mystery.

Nikola Tesla came to America as an immigrant with four pennies in his pocket and a mind full of wonderful, innovating ideas. He longed to meet Edison and pitch his theories that would improve the means of electricity. But his wonder of Edison was misleading and after working hard beneath Edison, Tesla was laughed at and ridiculed. To make matters worse, Tesla’s ideas were stolen by Edison and others. Once Tesla moved on and began to become successful in his own creations, Edison and his people tried to turn society against Tesla’s ideas by publicly electrocuting animals such as elephants to attempt to portray Tesla’s ideas as dangerous.

Although relatively unknown, Tesla was responsible for creating ideas that forever changed our world such as: alternating current, harnessing and distribution of light, x-rays, radio, remote control, the electric motor, robotics, lasers and wireless communications. With all of those life changing inventions, one would assume he would be better known, right?
Ironically, it is believed by some that the creation of his greatest invention is actually responsible for his absence in history. Tesla actually created a source of limitless energy. So maybe you are thinking – “why in the world would the creation of limitless energy leave a man nearly non-existent?” you see, Tesla was a man who was driven by the greater good of humanity, not money. Edison on the other hand was a wealthy businessman who created the way to charge people for energy.

Unfortunately, America has been driven by men who shared the same money and power hungry views as Edison. Instead of going with a never ending supply of free energy that produced no pollution or damage to the environment, we are stuck with high and rising monthly bills for our energy and a world that is reaping the consequences of pollution. This is all because of American greed.

But this was not the only reason Tesla fell of the radar. Tesla believed in the great power of thinking and being creative. He knew that spending time alone to think was vital to explore new ideas. During this time of the industrial era, those who held the money and power preferred everyone to shut up, work hard and stay poor. The common folk were to remain incessantly working and having no hope of a brighter future. The method is similar to herding sheep. People were and still remain moving blindly in the direction that they are told, on a treadmill to oblivion.

If people spent time creating ideas and thinking outside of the box, they could essentially figure out ways to leave the working assembly lines and the head honchos would lose money. Most of Tesla’s inventions and ideas came from his belief that the universe is very powerful and that energy and frequency and vibration is the most driving force of all of us. It was reported that Tesla even gained some clairvoyant powers. He once had a dream in which he envisioned his mother as an angel and it just so happened that without actually knowing beforehand, she had passed away. It seemed that even though she had passed away, he had tapped into the same vibrational frequency as she.

He also reportedly advised JP Morgan to not journey on the Titanic. JP Morgan trusted in Tesla’s hunch and gave up his ticket. Tesla also reportedly predicted a horrific train crash. It was said that he foretold the First World War and the duration of time within a few years as well as foreseeing 20 years of peace after the war.

Had he altered his state of consciousness because of his great understanding of the energy and vibrational frequency of the universe? Had he actually successfully become spiritually enlightened? Entering his state of consciousness he was able to construct his ideas for his inventions flawlessly and without mathematical equations that are typically necessary. He was using the same ideas of frequency as his inventions with his own mind.
Tesla knew that the Universe was alive. He believed thoughts could be reached from one another from long distances. Frequencies possible just as his creation of radio. Tesla even made a particular coil radio that worked so well that the results terrified him. He was able to pick up sounds from electromagnetic fields or light sources. He was not sure if it was human voices, spirits or extra-terrestrials.

Tesla was a man of the future. It seems that because he was so in tune with the universe and clearly enlightened, his life’s work was to remain a mystery. The top 1 percent of America who lived wealthy (and still does) did not want others to figure out how powerful the universe was and how people can create their own lives however they may please. If people had access to that kind of power, then those in charge would lose their control. The FBI went as far as ceasing Tesla’s work immediately upon his death. Later some of his paperwork was released but with a great deal of his words censored and blacked out.

Tesla would be ecstatic to know that today in the future as he predicted, people are becoming more open minded and seeking the truth. Our world needs more Tesla’s to push the boundaries of science and continue on the quest to figure out this beautiful and magical universe.

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