Creating Happiness

No matter who we are, regardless of where we are from, we are all seeking out the same thing: happiness. Unfortunately, for many people this task is often too difficult. Obstacles sometimes are tough to conquer and it is hard to shake our bad luck and the hand we were dealt, right? What if we could really change our own lives and finally find happiness? We can, and it starts with the way that we feel.

We are living in a world that is driven by popularity, power, technology and physical appearances. People envy celebrities who’s lives seem more luxurious then our own. We compare ourselves to people who can easily change who they are and even how they look because they have enormous amounts of money. Money that we could only dream of having. We are stuck judging others and even ourselves due to unrealistic perspectives on how we should look or what we should wear or drive etc. Modern technology has allowed even us common, non-celebrity folk to view people’s lives with the swipe of a finger. We compare ourselves with others and that needs to stop.

Jim Carrey said, ” I think everyone should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of so they can see its not the answer.”

Let’s be real- a couple of million dollars, quitting your day job, retiring to a tropical paradise and the ability to have any object we desire sounds pretty damn good, doesn’t it? Of course it does. It’s things we dream of, to escape our own realities. But what is our reality? Reality is only an illusion and really only dependent on one’s perception. You’ve likely heard the expression- “life is what you make it.” We desire these outer things to create happiness within us: money, looks, someone to love us etc. When the actual reality is that we are the only ones that can bring ourselves happiness.

Too often, we focus on our lack, instead of what we are grateful for. When we focus on what we lack we don’t feel good. Why would anyone desire to spend their time in life feeling bad? If we focus on what we are grateful for, we feel better. It is completely impossible to feel bad if you are focusing on your blessings. Really allow yourself to think about each thing you are thankful for and generate the feelings of gratitude.

We should always work towards our goals and self-development, but instead of focusing on the lack of something, why not dream of what you want in a positive manner? For example, if you feel like you want or need more money, why don’t you spend your time being hopeful that more money will find its way into your life? And imagine the things you will do with the money and how it will improve your life overall. This is where people will say- “because I’m a realist!” Well again, what is reality? You have the choice to decide how you react to every situation in life. What are you choosing to focus on? Even negative situations can allow us opportunities to learn something of value.

If you are in need of money, does beating yourself up being anxious and depressed allow you to have money? Of course not. Alternatively, focus on what you do have that you are grateful for and then focus on how good obtaining more money will make you feel. If you are focusing on the negative of having no money or lacking the object or goal you desire, then you are feeling despair or fear that you don’t have it and that you cannot get it. So, how about being hopeful?

Being optimistic about situations can genuinely improve ones state of mind and overall happiness and well-being. And if you are struggling to find the optimism you need, start with a feeling of neutral. This can be achieved with practicing the”floating down stream” technique. If we are stressed, we are not living in the moment. We are anxious about either something that occurred in the past or will happen at some point in the future. And the stress that this can cause is extremely unhealthy. Sickness and disease are caused by just that-dis-ease. Learning to relax and go with the flow of life so to speak is a healthier life style choice. Chronic stress affects your central nervous system, respiratory and cardiovascular systems, digestive system, muscular system, reproductive and immune systems. Constant worrying and anxiety creates chronic inflammatory conditions and weakens your body’s ability to fight off infection.

Every cell in the human body reacts to negative emotion in a negative way, creating a negative vibration. And all we are, all everything in our realities are, is a collection of atoms, constantly vibrating. That is why people talk about good vibes and energy. We are receiving what we are sending out into the universe, just like a frequency. We need to be hopeful of things working out in our favor. If we do not believe in and allow our own success, we cannot achieve it.

Choosing to have a more optimistic mindset is wonderful, but it is also necessary to take action. If you have something that you want or a goal you wish to achieve, then you need to work at that goal, consistently. Focus on your goals, be positive they are attainable and do something EVERY DAY that brings you that much closer to your goal.

Ask yourself every day- what did I do today to bring myself closer to achieving my goals?

You deserve to find happiness. Remember, it is not something you search for, it’s something you create. Make the moments count and choose love as often as you can.

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  1. That is so true. The title you presented is finding happiness, and I so agree because many times especially as adults have a true hard time find either love or happiness. I know me in a man perspective have struggled with that my entire life. And many people find it fascinating because I have been single, and no one has not approach me. And I think when the time comes someone will come my way.

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