Letting Go of Expectations: Downloadable Coaching Workbook

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When our lives don’t go as planned, it leads to disappointment and unhappiness. We want things to flow smoothly and when they don’t, it can be very discouraging. Being disappointed by an unexpected outcome can easily be avoided when we learn to let go of our expectations. 


In this downloadable coaching workbook, we explore the topic of letting go of the expectations we create within life. When our expectations are unmet, we often feel stress or unhappiness. Discover the necessary steps of how to let go of the expectations we create for ourselves and others through this guided reflection.

2 reviews for Letting Go of Expectations: Downloadable Coaching Workbook

  1. Shannon

    You have to check this out!!! This workbook has really helped me to change the way I see things in life. I feel as though I have a much more positive and peaceful perspective of everything. The self-reflection questions are wonderful and really make you think! I am so grateful that I came across this workbook and look forward to checking out more from Youniverseinyou!

  2. KT

    I am SO happy that I found this book. It has been so helpful and thought provoking. This truly exceeded my expectations. Get it now!

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