Realistic Positivity

If you are like me, then you have heard of the Law of Attraction and have fallen in love with the concept. The idea makes so much sense, and there is no doubt in my mind that this force is working, whether it is to our advantage or not.

I first came across the Law of Attraction a few years ago, in a time when I seemingly needed it the most. I watched “The Secret”, I read a few Jerry and Esther Hicks books and I was completely blown away. The idea of positive thoughts and emotions leading to positive results seemed so obvious, yet I was always focusing on the negative and unsure of why my life was less than satisfactory. I was completely determined to take control and finally attract the life that I always wanted.

I learned very quickly that monitoring my thoughts and feelings and shifting my focus was no easy task. But as days and weeks went by, it became progressively easier. After about a month of nearly constant positivity, not only was I happier than ever, but I had manifested several goals I had set for myself. I trusted in the universe and allowed my life to drastically improve.

At some point, however, I fell off track of my new outlook on life and allowed stress to consume me. I suppose it is “easier” to focus on what is not going right. It is “easy” to get caught up in a victim mindset, and once you do, it is a terrible snowball effect of self-destruction.

After years of continuously trying to learn and stay positive while experiencing some difficult life situations; things have become a bit more clear. Thinking that everything in life will be perfectly magical is unrealistic. Although we can make life great, it will not always be rainbows and unicorns.

Life will always have unexpected twists and turns. Although there may be difficult times, it is not these moments that define us; it is how we react when life throws us these curve balls. One of the biggest misconceptions about the Law of Attraction is that you have to constantly always be happy-go-lucky. Lost your job? No problem, be positive. Going through a breakup? You’re fine- just think happy thoughts. Your dog died? Just keep smiling… No, this is real life. And real life can bring forth some serious emotions.

Rather than pushing away all of our negative emotions, it is important to work through them. If we keep pretending that everything is perfect, it may end up backfiring. Bottling everything up for the sake of being positive may not always be the best route.

As humans, we have emotions for a reason. They are meant to guide us. At first, I thought, if I am feeling sad, I have to always quickly divert my attention and reach for another thought, forcing myself to be happy. This theory is really helpful if you are trapped in your own mind and overthinking. We are often our own worst enemies.

However, life is full of challenges that test us with all of our being. When an event occurs that affects you deeply, you must work through the emotions that follow. If something makes you sad, then be sad. Allow yourself a good cry and to mourn for a time. But then, pick yourself back up and face what lies ahead. If you are angry, then be angry. Scream in a pillow. Release your anger and refocus yourself.

We are blessed with the gift of emotions. This gift gives us the ability to learn what we accept and allow. If you are unhappy with something, then realize that recognizing your feelings is the first step to making yourself whole. If you don’t like something, then change it!

We all have more power within us then we realize. Any obstacle can be overcome. We can make something of nothing and reach unimaginable feats. Listen to what life is telling you and always follow your intuition.

Nothing can break you. Not without your permission.


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  1. I agree.. sometimes we have to just keep reminding ourselves of how well the LOA works.. and you’re right we do have emotions for a reason and sometimes I’ve found that looking back on a difficult situation, it has been the LOA moving me in the direction I needed to go – sometimes we have to carry on through the crap to experience the reward at the end.. Great to meet you and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my LOA series too x

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