Mindset Coaching with Ashlee


If You Said Yes to Any of the Above, Mindset Coaching May Be For You!

Nobody is perfect. Every single one of us have areas in life in which we can improve on, to become the best possible versions of ourselves. Self-development should be an ongoing, lifelong process.

Life is short, and we should all learn the strategies and secrets to achieve everything we could possibly desire. We all create our own realities, so why not create the best possible one?

Unfortunately, we are not all taught how to effectively regulate our thoughts and our emotions. In an ideal world, topics such as: mindfulness, emotional intelligence, the power of thought, empathy, the Law of Attraction, the importance of self-love, meditation and other VITAL tools would be taught to all humans from a young age, throughout the course of childhood. We should be taught to follow our hearts and turn our personal goals and dreams into our own personal realities.

Our subconscious mind takes over and shapes us into who we are today. Every experience that has ever occurred in your life has been stored within your subconscious mind. Even memories that you may not recall have been pieced together to create patterns of behavior. Just like your body subconsciously sends signals to keep you alive, such as breathing or pumping blood through your heart, your brain involuntarily works to automatically create reactions to situations based on the learned patterns. This inhibits our ability to live in the present moment and give ourselves the chance to choose our own appropriate responses.

So How Do We Fix This and Live Our Best Lives?

We Train the Brain!

Although thought patterns are typically structured from a young age, the brain IS capable of change! The thoughts that we chose to focus on, have a great impact on the structure of the brain and our overall mental and physical health. Making a habit out of repeated positive thoughts and actions can literally lead to rewiring your brain and increase its amount of grey matter. By doing so, the parts of the brain that are responsible for creating positive feelings grows stronger.

The brain is like a muscle. By breaking old habits and thought processes and creating a more positive mindset, the brain is completely capable of changing and restructuring neural pathways. The awareness of our flaws and areas in which we can improve on is the first step to making a change. Adapting new attitudes and methods with continuous practice and effort allows us to blossom into the people that we are meant to be. Together, we can strip away the thoughts and feelings that no longer serve you in order to transform into the best possible versions of yourself.

Even seemingly hopeless situations can be turned around. You can improve the quality of your life and create your own reality. You can learn to be happy, love yourself,  find romantic love, improve your relationships, regulate your thoughts and emotions, overcome sadness and anxiety, improve your patience, grow and change into the best possible version of yourself.



My methods include using the practices of mindfulness, the Law of Attraction as well as using positive psychology and Cognitive Behavioral Counseling techniques adapted from my degrees in psychology. The importance of mental health is far too often overlooked and underrated. More recently, increased awareness has been brought to the topic of mental health in order to end the stigma. In my opinion, mental health is even more important than physical health. We are constantly trapped with the contents of our own minds, so it is extremely important to make sure our self-talk is healthy. When we are stressed out, each of our cells within our bodies respond to this stress and cause us physical illness or pain as well.

Zero Judgement

Our professional relationship will be safe and confidential. I want you to feel comfortable speaking with me and sharing your personal thoughts and feelings. You will receive no judgement from me as it is not my place to judge anyone in this world. We all have our own issues and even things we may be ashamed of, but that is why you are here. It is my job to help you to the absolute best of my ability and that is my pledge to you.

For Best Results

You can learn to be happy and live with a sense of peace, regardless of your current situation. By adapting the proper techniques, you will gain mental clarity which will undoubtedly lead to a better life and more successful future. You are here because you are ready to make a change in life. To achieve the best and fastest results, I encourage you to participate and commit to the exercises by following my suggestions to the absolute best of your ability.

My program won’t work unless you do. Unfortunately, I cannot fix your life. You will not be able to adapt a healthier mindset unless you put in the work to ditch your old habits and replace them with healthier, more positive and constructive habits. But, implementing the steps and working everyday to adapt a healthier mindset should lead to a better quality of life.

In order to adapt a healthier mindset, we have to shed years and years of learned thoughts and behavior from the subconscious mind. The process may seem a bit tedious at first, but the more and more your practice these new techniques, the easier and easier it will get.

Before you know it, you will have completely retrained the brain. That’s right! You can literally rewire the brain and create new neuropaths that make it easier to initially reach for a more positive outlook and remain peaceful and happy.