A Review of Savage CBD: Lots of Products, Lots of Relief

Lately I’ve been discussing why everyone is raving about CBD including what CBD actually is and the amazing benefits of using cannabinoids. Here, I’ve been exploring different forms and ways CBD can be taken and discussing what to look for when shopping for your own CBD products. As always, my intent is to offer truthful opinions in order to help YOU find a CBD product that is right for your needs.

If you missed the last review of Deep Relief CBD, you can check it out by clicking here. They did not disappoint.

Today, I’m reviewing another awesome company, Savage CBD.

I am happy to share with you what I like about this company and their products, from their affordable, great tasting tinctures, wide variety of effective products, and use of non-GMO, organic ingredients.

I’m also thrilled to announce that you can receive 15% OFF of your purchase from Savage CBD by clicking this link to their website and using the coupon code- YOUNIVERSE.

Review of CBD Products:

For this review, I tried 3 different products from Savage CBD. Below, I will break down my impressions and opinions on each of these products.

1500 mg Tinctures

The first thing I noticed about these tinctures is their cute little packaging. The boxes are colorful, fun and packed with information. The packaging reads: “Each batch is carefully tested to ensure quality, consistency, taste and authenticity. And overall, our goal is to create the products that empower you to maintain your healthy lifestyle.”

I thought that was pretty cool. You can also find a list of ingredients on the boxes and bottles as well as some noteworthy facts about their products including the fact that they contain natural ingredients and are vegan, that their products are lab tested and pesticide and GMO free.

Both tinctures were VERY tasty. The pink grapefruit legitimately taste like grapefruit. The lemon lime flavored tincture really did taste like a refreshing, lemony citrus.

These are the first tinctures that I have tasted that don’t have a “skunky” aftertaste. Some people do not enjoy a really earthy, hemp flavor, so I would recommend these tinctures if the hemp flavor makes you cringe.

The dropper is labeled which is very convenient and makes it easy to dose exactly how much CBD you would like. Here is information provided by the company regarding these CBD tinctures:

“Cannabidiol or CBD oil is a health supplement that has therapeutic properties to improve your health and vitality. But make sure you invest in an organic or real CBD oil to experience its amazing health benefits like relief from chronic pain, managing stress and depression, relieving arthritis symptoms and more. Therefore, Savage CBD provides you with all natural CBD oil that is unflavored, non-psychoactive and free from chemical or pesticides to avoid any side-effect. All you need is to hold 5-10 drops of CBD oil under tongue for 60 to 90 seconds to enjoy its health benefits.”

The ingredients of this tincture include: MCT Coconut Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Full Spectrum Cannabidiol, Essential Oils, And Terpenes.

I was impressed by the effectiveness of these tinctures. After about an hour after consuming the product, I was feeling brand new! I experienced a calming effect from the tincture and could feel some noticeable relief from my back pain. I did not experience any drowsiness after taking the tinctures yet was pleased to enjoy a wonderful full night of sleep that left me feeling rejuvenated and energized.

Overall, I am thoroughly impressed with both of these tinctures. They tasted great and effectively gave me a sense of calm and an overall feeling of general well-being. These tinctures allowed me to experience a glorious night’s sleep and left me feeling rested and energized the next day.

These tinctures are currently selling for the affordable price of $99.99 or you can snag both bottles for $179.99. Don’t forget to utilize my coupon code YOUNIVERSE to receive your discount of 15% OFF your purchase here on their website!

Full Spectrum CBD Lotion

The final product that I tested from Savage CBD is the 300 mg, 2 oz bottle of lotion. My initial impression was that it’s a cute, compact, travel sized bottle. It also came in a beautifully decorated and informative box.

The scent is Lavender Citrus and it smells REALLY good. It smells like a spa, and reminded me instantly of a relaxing, professional massage. As you may know, the scent of lavender is very calming, so that is a really nice added bonus.

While applying the lotion, I noticed that it goes on really smoothly. It didn’t feel greasy nor was I left with a nasty residue or anything like that. It feels incredibly smooth and left my skin feeling silky and soft. The lotion is very moisturizing and is advertised to be used for dry skin, aches and pains.

I applied the CBD lotion directly to my shoulders where I felt some muscle pain. Almost instantly, I felt a little tingly feeling. And after a few minutes I felt some noticeable relief in my shoulders, which I was super excited about.

Overall, I very much enjoyed Savage’s Full Spectrum CBD Lotion. It smelled great, applied smoothly, left me feeling moisturized, relieved some pain and left me feeling calm and relaxed.

You can currently get your lotion from Savage for $44.99, on sale from $59.99. Don’t forget to use my coupon code YOUNIVERSE to save an extra 15% off your purchase from Savage CBD.

Comparing Topicals from Different Companies:

Deep Relief CBD vs. Savage CBD

In comparison to the CBD balm from Deep Relief (you can read my review here with discount code), I would say that there were some definite pros and cons of each product. I found Deep Relief’s balm to be more effective, which makes sense because the balm I used from Deep Relief CBD was 500 mg, while this lotion from Savage CBD is 300 mg. The products also have very different consistencies. While I found Deep Relief’s CBD’s balm to be more effective for my pain, the balm is thicker, a bit “greasier” and is a little less absorbent than Savage’s lotion. I like generously apply Deep Relief’s balm on my back and just lay there on my stomach for a bit while it works its magic. Savage’s lotion on the other hand, seems to be a better option for when you are on the go or are just looking for mild relief or actual moisturizing lotion components.  Both would be great for using while receiving a CBD infused massage.

About the Company: Savage CBD

Savage CBD is known for:

  • Non-GMO, Organic Ingredients
  • Testing by 3rd Party Lab for Each Batch
  • Effective products
  • Great Tasting Tinctures

The company’s Mission Statement states: “At Savage CBD, we strive to help people by offering what we believe to be top quality, lab tested, natural alternatives at affordable pricing. Whether you’re new to CBD or have been using it for years, you can count on all-natural, hemp derived CBD with the purest ingredients. Each batch is carefully tested to ensure quality, consistency, taste, and authenticity. Overall, our goal is to create the products that empower you to maintain your healthy lifestyle.”

Savage uses Full Spectrum CBD, meaning they use the entire hemp plant, rather than extracting only CBD. Full spectrum CBD typically provides a higher rate of relief and effectiveness. Savage uses Colorado hemp. Savage uses a third party lab to ensure their products are of the highest quality.

The extraction method used by Savage is the C02 method which pulls the cannabinoids, terpene oils and waxes out of the plant by controlling the temperature and pressure. C02 extraction allows for a cleaner, more pure, safer CBD product.

Large Variety of Products

Savage also has a lot of other products on their website. For example, if you are into actual “vaping” like the cool kids nowadays. You can get the CBD shots to add to your vape liquids. So if you’re trying to be a viral master vaper, might as well throw some damn CBD up in there.

They also have disposable pens, sunscreen, aloe, lotion, gummies, e-juices for vapes, pre-filled vape cartridges with both full spectrum and isolate CBD, pet spray and Full Spectrum soft gels. They also have bundles available for more products at better prices.

Savage CBD’s Website

When you visit Savage CBD’s website, you can spin a fun little wheel, allowing you to potentially receive a discount! You can read about the products, meet the members of the team, review CBD FAQs, read blogs and view lab results. The website is easy to navigate and full of awesome products and information. Savage offers a military discount and FREE SHIPPING within the United States.

Overall, I am very pleased with the quality of the products I have tried from Savage CBD. Savage has made it easy to live pain and stress free! Please click here to visit their website and don’t forget to use discount code YOUNIVERSE to receive 15% OFF your purchase today! Click here to be directed to their website and start shopping today!

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