Kasha (Meditation) Cushion Review

Although the earliest record of meditation dates back to about 1500 BC, it seems more people each day are learning the amazing benefits and incorporating the practice into their daily schedules. Harvard neuroscientists have found that the brain is actually physically altered by regular meditation after only 8 weeks of practice. Those who practice meditation have an increased volume of grey matter within the brain. This is great news for anyone who is looking to “train their brain” and work on their mental health and level of peace and happiness.

In today’s post, I will be reviewing the Kasha Cushion. Full disclosure, I am not affiliated with Kashacushion.com nor am I benefiting financially from this promotion. This is just an honest review for anyone interested in enhancing their meditation experience!

What is the Kasha Cushion?

The Kasha Cushion is a quality meditation cushion that offers excellent comfort and support.  The cushion is meant to support the width of your hips and ease tension in your lower body while you sit.

Every cushion holds 4 lb of natural buckwheat hulls that mold to the shape of your body. That is actually where the name “Kasha” is derived from, as it is a popular European dish made with cooked buckwheat.

Why Kasha?

The overall idea behind the Kasha Cushion is that if you are meditating in a comfortable position, you’ll be able to actually focus on your meditation rather than readjusting yourself and your position. This will help to reduce the monkey mind” and allow you to focus your awareness.

The Kasha Cushion has a comfortable, yet sturdy and supportive design that lets you easily hold your position. It is supposed to help reduce strain on your back and improve posture, which is always helpful (especially for people like me with chronic back pain). Sitting on the cushion helps curb the urge to slouch, which is wonderful because while meditating, your spine should be as straight as possible. And as it turns out, using the cushion is a much more comfortable option then sitting on the floor. Go figure.

A Physical Reminder to Practice Meditation

I really like having the Kasha cushion because it also acts a physical reminder for me to stop what I am doing and make time to meditate. If you are just beginning to learn and practice meditation, seeing your cushion at home is a great way to trigger your memory to get practicing. Just one glance at my cushion and I am instantly reminded that I need to stop in my tracks and make the time to meditate.

The cover is 100% cotton and is removable and is machine washable.

Kasha Cushions are currently on sale for $50, so if you are looking to enhance your meditation practice, head on over to their website to snag your cushion today. There is also free shipping on all U.S. orders.

For more information on how to make meditation simple, check out my post here.

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