Month: March 2019

CBD… What’s All the Rave?

With the popularity of CBD products on the rise, everyone has been raving about how amazing CBD really is. In this article, we will discuss what CBD is and mention some of the incredible benefits CBD has to offer. We will explore the different… Continue Reading “CBD… What’s All the Rave?”

Meditation Made Simple

Meditation does not have to be some complicated, intricate, process. You don’t need to be an enlightened monk or yoga guru to participate and reap the incredible benefits associated with meditation. Meditation can be made simple and can be done anywhere, at any time.… Continue Reading “Meditation Made Simple”

6 Ways to Reduce Anxiety

There are ways to work on reducing and eliminating anxiety and depression. In order to improve your mindset, you must eliminate unhealthy thinking patterns and adapt new ones!⁣⁣ You have to ‘Train Your Brain’!⁣ 🧠  ⁣Here are some tips: ⁣⁣ 🌸 Be kind to… Continue Reading “6 Ways to Reduce Anxiety”

How to Make the Most Out of Your Yoga Practice

So far, we have discussed topics such as: The incredible benefits that yoga has to offer How to begin your yoga journey without the intimidation How to incorporate yoga into your busy schedule In this post, we will explore different ways to make the… Continue Reading “How to Make the Most Out of Your Yoga Practice”

Incorporating Yoga Into Your Busy Schedule:

If you are looking to incorporate yoga (or any healthy, new habit) into your routine and schedule and are determined and dedicated to sticking to it, the first thing you’ll need to do is create the goal. Grab a journal or some paper and… Continue Reading “Incorporating Yoga Into Your Busy Schedule:”